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 Gryffs is a virtual pet site, with gryphons as its main theme! Our site has an amazing array of customization with 9 different species, over 70 markings, and literally thousands of items. You can breed your Gryffs to obtain unique cubs, battle them, participate in frequent events, craft items, and hunt for food and limited goods.
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The Species of Gryffs!

Endless Customization!

 Gryffs has a total of 9 different species. Displayed above are the Siberian, Common, and Canyon types. Our site sports over 70 unique markings that can be used to create your own custom designs. Combined with thousands of items for developing elaborate environments, there's no end to what you can create! Just refresh the page and the top image will show creations by our players!

Personalized Customization Options!

 Aside from the standard items, Gryffs also offers opportunities to get items that are customized to your needs. Custom recolors of existing items are open almost year-round, and on the holidays you can order fully custom movable items!
Breeding System!

Create Unique Cubs!

 Our breeding system mixes the marking colors and values of the parents, creating a unique cub that shares the traits of both. This can be used to create some truly unique designs. If you're particularly fond of the design potential of the cub but not so much of fades, you can breed the markings back up to 100%. Our system features no wait times!
Participate In Frequent Events!

Join Holiday Events and More!

 Participate in frequent site events! Whether you're running from Dante the Self-Proclaimed Volcano God or adventuring around the meadow to collect items for event points, you're sure to find some fantastic event-exclusive opportunities. We also hold Custom Contests, raffles, Gryff features, holiday advent calendars, and more.
Craft Items!

Visit Jairo to Craft Some Items!

 Our new crafting feature allows users to combine specific items from around the site into entirely new adornments! Rehash either your old items, or create entirely new ones from crafting materials that are obtained through special events. It's a great way to bring new life to old items.
Share Your Creations!
 We're always looking to see the beautiful creations that our members make, and occasionally hold spotlights where user's gryffs are featured in the news. Players receive rewards if their gryffs are featured. You can also post them in chat to share with other members!
 We hope to see you around the site!