Terms of Service

  • Each user may have one account only in which to play and collect Gryffs. The use of spare accounts to hold gryffs or items is not acceptable.

  • Sharing an account is not allowed. Every user has one account only that they may not share with others. Account sharing is defined as letting another individual have access to your account in any way. Whether or not you know the person in real life is irrelevant. Everything that happens in an account is the responsibility of the account owner, including punishment.

  • Account names cannot be changed unless by request of an admin. These name changes are permanent, and must have valid reason. Being tired of your name is not a valid reason.

  • If two users share the IP address (i.e., family, friends, etc.), both accounts must be separately active. While users may transfer between these accounts, understand that it is at your own risk. If we find transactions to be suspect, they may be investigated.

  • If you are sharing the same IP address with someone else, please be aware that it is unacceptable to use your account as extra storage space for their gryffs. If you are transferring a gryff to someone on the same IP address, be sure that this gryff is being transferred for keeps.

  • Users on the same IP address may not exchange assets related to site events, as this may appear as multiple account abuse to admins.

  • While we do allow animated tags, please refrain from using tags that are flashy. This includes tags that rotate between extremely bright colors, as both are disruptive to the chat room.