Terms of Service

  • These Terms of Service (TOS) govern access to Gryffs. If you disagree with them you may not play the game. Failure to comply with these terms means you may lose accounts/items/gryffs, and not knowing is not an excuse. All players are expected to abide by the TOS. Updates to the TOS will be posted on the site news so users know when to read them again.

  • Despite the fact that Gryffs is intended for all ages, users are required to be thirteen years of age or older to play Gryffs, to comply with the COPPA. We will not allow children under thirteen years of age to use our site, regardless of parental permission. Please be advised that in spite of the thirteen or older restriction, Gryffs is G rated.

  • All users are forbidden from posting anything illegal under their own country's laws or under the United States laws (where Gryffs is hosted). Similarly, users are forbidden from posting material that is not acceptable for all audiences.

  • While we strongly recommend against posting your personal information on our site for other users, we will not take action against this. This information includes IM accounts or emails, real names or contact addresses. If such information needs to be exchanged, players are encouraged to do so via private messaging and not through the public chat room.

  • Scamming, harassing, or generally impolite behavior will be dealt with severely. Players are expected to act in a responsible, honest manner towards others.