Terms of Service

  • Linking to materials that contain mature content is not allowed. This includes bad language or adult content. For this reason, linking to youtube has also been banned.

  • Because Gryffs allows teens (13 and up) to join, swearing is not allowed anywhere on the site. This includes minor swears.

  • Spamming is not allowed anywhere on the site. This includes multiple posts that have no real content (such as emoticons, ..., or random characters), sending repetitive messages, and private messaging users unprovoked for the sake of advertising.

  • Public black listing of any kind is not allowed anywhere on the site. This includes but is not limited to: Any kind of list that adds a negative note to individuals, transaction black lists, etc.

  • Targeting other users is not allowed in any way. This includes publically discussing issues regarding those players. If for any reason you find another user's behavior to be unacceptable, please contact a moderator or an admin through private messaging. If you're unsure if it is targeting, consider this: Can the user in question read your complaints, and know that it is them being spoken about? If so, you may not want to post it.

  • Please refrain from posting angry comments about how other users play the game. This includes users that send gryffs to the Adoption Center, attack other gryffs, resell gryffs, etc.. These sorts of comments usually only make other users feel unwelcome.

  • Please do not discuss content that has not been officially announced in the news in the chat room.

  • Please do not discuss banned accounts in the public chat room. Issues with members are between the staff and those involved.

  • Please do not post billboards, or post in the chat asking people to give away free stuff, donate to a cause, offer to take unwanted stuff, etc. This is considered begging on Gryffs, and bothers many people.

  • Gryffs does not allow messages along the lines of "I'm quitting", "Who would care if I left?", etc. These messages make other members uncomfortable and are disruptive to the chat room.

  • Advertising sales is allowed in the public chat room, but please do not advertise more than once before your last post is bumped off of the chat box.

  • Due to Gryffs' strict content ratings, there are a few topics that we do not want discussed in the chat room. This includes in-depth religion and political conversations, as these often get out of hand. It also includes topics of violence (both towards animals and humans), crime, gore, drugs, sex, etc.

  • Please discuss other sites in a respectful manner. While it is all right to say that a site isn't your style, comments that are purposely insulting or making fun of another site, be it of the management, game play, or art, are not allowed.

  • Please use English when speaking in chat. Other languages are difficult to moderate and are not allowed. You may still use foreign languages when speaking to others in private messages.